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The Rise of Flat.mx:

Flat.mx was founded in 2019 with a mission to simplify the real estate process in Mexico. The company recognized the pain points faced by both buyers and sellers, such as lengthy paperwork, high transaction costs, and lack of transparency. By leveraging technology and data-driven solutions, Flat.mx aims to streamline these processes and provide a seamless experience for all parties involved.

With its recent $20 million Series A funding round, led by Anthemis, Flat.mx is poised to accelerate its growth and expand its operations. Anthemis, a leading venture capital firm specializing in fintech and insurtech startups, brings not only financial support but also strategic guidance and industry expertise. This partnership between Flat.mx and Anthemis is a testament to the potential of proptech in transforming the real estate landscape.

Revolutionizing the Real Estate Market:

Flat.mx’s innovative approach to real estate is disrupting the traditional market in several ways. Firstly, the company utilizes advanced algorithms and machine learning to accurately determine property values. This eliminates the need for time-consuming appraisals and provides sellers with an instant cash offer for their properties. This streamlined process not only saves time but also reduces uncertainty and allows sellers to make informed decisions.

Secondly, Flat.mx offers a unique buy-now, sell-later option, which provides homeowners with the flexibility to sell their property immediately while continuing to live in it as tenants. This innovative solution caters to individuals who may need to sell their property quickly due to financial constraints or other personal reasons. By offering this alternative, Flat.mx empowers homeowners to take control of their real estate transactions without the stress of immediate relocation.

Enhancing Transparency and Trust:

One of the key challenges in the real estate industry is the lack of transparency, which often leads to distrust among buyers and sellers. Flat.mx addresses this issue by providing a transparent and data-driven platform. Through their website and mobile app, users can access detailed information about properties, including historical sales data, neighborhood statistics, and market trends. This wealth of information enables buyers to make well-informed decisions and sellers to set realistic prices for their properties.

Furthermore, Flat.mx ensures a seamless and secure transaction process by handling all legal and administrative tasks. This includes verifying property titles, managing paperwork, and coordinating with notaries. By taking care of these complex processes, Flat.mx eliminates potential hurdles and instills confidence in both buyers and sellers.

Expanding Reach and Impact:

With the $20 million Series A funding, Flat.mx plans to expand its operations beyond Mexico City and into other major cities across Mexico. This expansion will allow more homeowners to benefit from Flat.mx’s innovative solutions and streamline the real estate process nationwide. Additionally, the funding will be used to enhance the company’s technology infrastructure, further improving user experience and increasing efficiency.


Flat.mx’s recent $20 million Series A funding round led by Anthemis is a significant milestone for the proptech startup. With its innovative approach to real estate, Flat.mx is revolutionizing the industry by simplifying processes, enhancing transparency, and providing unique solutions for buyers and sellers. The partnership with Anthemis brings not only financial support but also strategic guidance, enabling Flat.mx to expand its reach and impact. As technology continues to reshape the real estate market, companies like Flat.mx are at the forefront, driving positive change and transforming the way properties are bought and sold.


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