Hawkfish Bloombergfunded Joe MayschleiferVox:

Hawkfish Bloombergfunded Joe MayschleiferVox:

In recent years, political campaigns have become increasingly data-driven, with candidates and parties relying on sophisticated analytics to target voters and craft their messages. One company at the forefront of this trend is Hawkfish Bloombergfunded Joe MayschleiferVox, a political consulting firm founded by Joe Mayschleifer and funded by Michael Bloomberg. The firm aims to help Democratic candidates win elections by using data-driven strategies and innovative technology. In this article, we will take a closer look at Hawkfish and its approach to political consulting.


Hawkfish was founded in 2019 by Joe Mayschleifer, a veteran of Democratic campaigns, and Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York City and a prominent philanthropist. The firm’s mission is to use data and technology to help Democrats win elections at all levels of government. According to its website, Hawkfish offers a range of services, including data analytics, digital advertising, and strategic communications.

One of the key figures in the firm is Joe Mayschleifer, who serves as its CEO. Mayschleifer has a long history in the world of digital advertising and has worked on several high-profile campaigns in the past [3]. He is known for his expertise in using data to target voters and craft effective messages. In an interview with Vox, Mayschleifer described Hawkfish as “a startup that’s trying to bring Silicon Valley-style innovation to politics” [1].

Data-Driven Strategies

At the heart of Hawkfish’s approach is its use of data analytics to inform campaign strategy. The firm collects vast amounts of data on voters, including demographic information, voting history, and social media activity. It then uses this data to create detailed profiles of individual voters, which can be used to target them with personalized messages.

Hawkfish’s data-driven approach has been credited with helping Democrats win several key races in recent years. In the 2020 presidential election, the firm worked closely with the Biden campaign to develop a sophisticated digital advertising strategy. This included targeted ads on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, as well as a series of online videos featuring Biden and his running mate, Kamala Harris [2].


In addition to its use of data analytics, Hawkfish is also known for its innovative use of technology. The firm has developed several proprietary tools to help campaigns manage their data and target voters more effectively. One of these tools is a platform called “Hawkfish 360,” which allows campaigns to track voter sentiment in real-time and adjust their messaging accordingly.

Another tool developed by Hawkfish is a mobile app called “Outvote,” which allows volunteers to reach out to voters via text message. The app uses data from the voter file to identify which voters are most likely to support a particular candidate, and then sends personalized messages to those voters. According to Hawkfish, the app was used by more than 100 campaigns in the 2020 election cycle [4].


Despite its successes, Hawkfish has faced some criticism from within the Democratic Party. Some progressives have raised concerns about the firm’s close ties to Michael Bloomberg, who spent hundreds of millions of dollars on his own unsuccessful presidential campaign in 2020. Others have criticized Hawkfish’s focus on data-driven strategies, arguing that it can lead to a narrow and overly targeted approach to campaigning.

In response to these criticisms, Hawkfish has emphasized its commitment to working with a broad range of Democratic candidates and causes. The firm has also defended its use of data analytics, arguing that it can help campaigns reach voters who might otherwise be overlooked.


Hawkfish Bloombergfunded Joe MayschleiferVox is a political consulting firm that is changing the way campaigns are run. By using data-driven strategies and innovative technology, the firm has helped Democrats win several key races in recent years. While it has faced some criticism, Hawkfish remains at the forefront of the digital revolution in politics. As campaigns become increasingly complex and data-driven, it is likely that more and more candidates will turn to firms like Hawkfish for help.


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