Production Process

Production Process

Mezcal, a traditional Mexican spirit, has gained popularity in recent years for its unique flavors and artisanal production methods. One brand that stands out in the mezcal industry is La Luna Mezcal. Dedicated to producing authentic and artisanal mezcal, La Luna Mezcal carefully crafts each batch according to tradition . With its commitment to quality and craftsmanship, La Luna Mezcal has garnered recognition, including winning double gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition  In this article, we will explore the artistry behind La Luna Mezcal, its production process, and the distinct characteristics that make it a standout choice for mezcal enthusiasts.

Production Process

La Luna Mezcal is made with agave Cupreata, a variety native to the Etucuaro region in Michoacán, Mexico . The agave plants are cultivated for eight to ten years before they are harvested . The piñas, or hearts of the agave plants, are then fire-roasted in a stone-lined horno using estate-sourced white oak  This traditional method of roasting imparts a smoky flavor to the mezcal, adding complexity to its taste profile.

After roasting, the piñas are crushed and fermented using natural airborne yeasts. This fermentation process can take up to a week, allowing the flavors to develop and mature . Once fermentation is complete, the liquid is distilled twice in copper pot stills . This careful distillation process ensures that the mezcal retains its unique flavors and aromas.

Distinct Characteristics

La Luna Mezcal is known for its smooth and well-balanced flavor profile. The Cupreata agave used in its production imparts a distinct earthiness and herbal notes to the mezcal On the nose, La Luna Mezcal offers aromas of roasted agave, smoke, and hints of citrus . The palate is greeted with flavors of caramel, vanilla, and a touch of spice, leading to a long and satisfying finish . The careful craftsmanship and attention to detail in the production process contribute to the exceptional quality of La Luna Mezcal.

Artisanal Mezcal

La Luna Mezcal prides itself on being an artisanal mezcal brand. The term “artisanal” refers to the traditional and meticulous production methods employed by the brand. Each batch of La Luna Mezcal is crafted with care, ensuring that the spirit maintains its authenticity and unique character. The dedication to artisanal production sets La Luna Mezcal apart from mass-produced spirits, offering consumers a truly exceptional mezcal experience.


La Luna Mezcal is a brand that exemplifies the artistry and craftsmanship behind mezcal production. With its dedication to tradition and attention to detail, La Luna Mezcal creates a spirit that is both authentic and exceptional in quality. The use of agave Cupreata, the traditional roasting process, and the careful fermentation and distillation methods all contribute to the distinct characteristics that make La Luna Mezcal a standout choice for mezcal enthusiasts. Whether enjoyed neat or in a cocktail, La Luna Mezcal offers a taste of Mexico’s rich cultural heritage and the artistry of mezcal-making.

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