Queen Mary Long Beach Haunted: Unveiling the Ghostly Legends of an Oceanic Icon

 Queen Mary Long Beach Haunted: Unveiling the Ghostly Legends of an Oceanic Icon

Nestled in the picturesque harbor of Long Beach, California, the Queen Mary stands as an iconic maritime treasure and a floating hotel. However, beyond its luxurious accommodations and historic significance, the Queen Mary harbors a shadowy reputation – it is said to be haunted by a myriad of ghosts. As visitors wander through its dimly lit corridors and atmospheric decks, they often find themselves immersed in a chilling atmosphere, surrounded by the whispers of spirits from the past.

The Queen Mary’s Rich History:

Before delving into the haunted tales, it is essential to appreciate the Queen Mary’s rich history. Launched in 1934 as a luxury ocean liner, the Queen Mary transported celebrities, dignitaries, and ordinary passengers across the Atlantic during its heyday. It served as a troopship during World War II, ferrying soldiers to the front lines. After the war, it returned to its luxurious passenger service, cruising the seas until its retirement in 1967.

In 1967, the Queen Mary found its permanent home in Long Beach, California, where it was transformed into a hotel and tourist attraction. The ship’s history is woven with tales of elegance, wartime heroism, and mysterious events that set the stage for the numerous ghostly encounters reported by visitors and staff alike.

The Most Haunted Locations:

Several areas of the Queen Mary are believed to be particularly haunted, each with its own spectral stories. The first-class swimming pool, now empty and unused, is said to be a hotbed of paranormal activity. Guests often report hearing the sounds of splashing and laughter echoing through the air, as if the pool were still in its glory days. Some even claim to have seen the apparition of a young girl in a 1930s-style bathing suit near the poolside.

Another notoriously haunted area is the engine room, where a tragic accident claimed the lives of several crew members. It is said that their spirits linger, manifesting as shadowy figures or ghostly apparitions. Visitors often report sudden drops in temperature and an overwhelming feeling of unease as they explore this eerie part of the ship.

The Queen’s Salon, once a glamorous venue for social gatherings, is another site with a haunting history. Witnesses have described seeing the ghostly figure of a beautiful woman in a white evening gown, dancing alone in the dimly lit room. The identity of this mysterious lady remains unknown, adding an air of intrigue to the Queen’s Salon’s ghostly tales.

Ghostly Encounters:

Countless visitors and staff members have reported spine-chilling encounters with the supernatural during their time on the Queen Mary. Some describe seeing apparitions in vintage clothing, while others recount inexplicable sounds, like disembodied footsteps and whispers, echoing through the corridors. Doors are said to slam shut on their own, and electronic devices occasionally malfunction in the presence of these mysterious energies.

One of the most famous ghosts believed to haunt the Queen Mary is that of a young sailor named John Pedder, who allegedly perished in the engine room. Numerous guests have claimed to witness his ghostly figure roaming the darkened passageways, sometimes appearing in photographs taken by unsuspecting visitors.

Paranormal Investigations:

The Queen Mary has become a hotspot for paranormal investigators and enthusiasts seeking to explore the mysteries of the afterlife. The ship hosts regular ghost tours, allowing participants to venture into the most haunted areas armed with cameras, EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) recorders, and other paranormal investigation tools. Many claim to have captured unexplainable phenomena on film or recorded chilling voices from beyond.

Skeptics and Believers:

While the Queen Mary’s haunted reputation has garnered widespread attention, not everyone is convinced of its supernatural claims. Skeptics argue that many ghostly encounters can be attributed to the ship’s age, creaks, and groans, as well as the power of suggestion. However, those who have experienced the eerie atmosphere firsthand maintain that there is something inexplicable and otherworldly about the Queen Mary.


Whether one believes in the paranormal or not, the Queen Mary’s haunted reputation adds an intriguing layer to its storied history. As visitors embark on guided tours or spend the night in its historic cabins, they become part of a unique experience that melds the glamour of a bygone era with the mysterious allure of the afterlife. The Queen Mary Long Beach stands as a maritime marvel, not only for its architectural grandeur but also for the ethereal tales that linger in the shadows, inviting the curious to explore its haunted history.

  1. Is the Queen Mary in Long Beach really haunted?

    • Yes, the Queen Mary is widely reputed to be haunted. Many visitors, staff members, and paranormal enthusiasts have reported various ghostly encounters and experiences on the ship.
  2. What makes the Queen Mary haunted?

    • The haunted reputation of the Queen Mary is attributed to its rich history, including its time as a luxury ocean liner, its service during World War II, and its subsequent transformation into a hotel. Tragic incidents, such as accidents and deaths on board, contribute to the paranormal stories associated with the ship.
  3. What are some of the most haunted areas on the Queen Mary?

    • Some of the most haunted areas include the first-class swimming pool, the engine room, and the Queen’s Salon. Visitors often report paranormal activity such as ghostly apparitions, strange sounds, and unexplained phenomena in these locations.
  4. Have there been any documented ghost sightings on the Queen Mary?

    • Yes, numerous visitors claim to have witnessed ghostly figures, often in vintage clothing, as well as experiencing unexplained sounds and paranormal activity. One of the most famous alleged ghosts is that of a sailor named John Pedder, said to haunt the engine room.
  5. Are there guided tours or events focused on the paranormal at the Queen Mary?

    • Yes, the Queen Mary offers guided ghost tours and paranormal events for visitors interested in exploring the ship’s haunted history. These tours often take participants to the most notorious haunted areas, and some even include opportunities for paranormal investigations.
  6. Do people stay overnight on the Queen Mary, and have there been reports of paranormal activity during these stays?

    • Yes, the Queen Mary operates as a hotel, allowing guests to stay overnight. Many guests claim to have experienced paranormal activity during their stays, including strange noises, apparitions, and other unexplained phenomena.
  7. Are there any skeptics who challenge the haunted claims of the Queen Mary?

    • Yes, there are skeptics who attribute reported paranormal experiences to factors such as the ship’s age, natural sounds, and psychological influences. However, the numerous accounts from visitors and staff who have encountered the unexplained contribute to the ship’s enduring haunted reputation.
  8. Can visitors participate in paranormal investigations on the Queen Mary?

    • Yes, the Queen Mary hosts paranormal events and investigations, allowing participants to explore haunted areas with paranormal equipment. These events provide a unique opportunity for enthusiasts to try and capture evidence of supernatural activity.
  9. Has the Queen Mary been featured in any paranormal TV shows or documentaries?

    • Yes, the Queen Mary has been featured in various paranormal television shows and documentaries, bringing international attention to its haunted reputation. These programs often showcase firsthand accounts, historical context, and investigations into the ship’s paranormal activity.
  10. Is there an age restriction for participating in ghost tours or paranormal events on the Queen Mary?

    • Age restrictions may vary depending on the specific tour or event. It’s advisable to check with the Queen Mary’s official website or contact their staff for information on age requirements for ghost tours and paranormal activities.

Visitors are encouraged to approach the Queen Mary with an open mind, whether they are seeking a paranormal adventure or simply interested in its fascinating maritime history.

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