The Philadelphia Story Reviews: A Classic Film Worth Watching

The Philadelphia Story Reviews: A Classic Film Worth Watching

The Philadelphia Story is a classic romantic comedy film that was released in 1940. Directed by George Cukor, the movie stars Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant, and James Stewart. It tells the story of a wealthy socialite named Tracy Lord who is about to marry for the second time. However, her plans are disrupted when her ex-husband and a tabloid reporter show up at her estate on the eve of her wedding.

The film received critical acclaim upon its release and has since become a beloved classic. Critics praised the performances of the lead actors, particularly Hepburn’s portrayal of Tracy Lord. The New York Times called it “one of the most enjoyable comedies of the year” and praised the film’s “sparkling dialogue” and “excellent cast.” The Philadelphia Story was also nominated for six Academy Awards, including Best Picture, and won two for Best Screenplay and Best Actor in a Leading Role for James Stewart.

One of the reasons why The Philadelphia Story has stood the test of time is its witty and sophisticated script. The film’s dialogue is sharp and clever, filled with memorable one-liners and comedic moments. The chemistry between the three lead actors is also a highlight of the movie. Hepburn, Grant, and Stewart all bring their own unique charm to their roles, creating a dynamic and entertaining ensemble. Another factor that makes The Philadelphia Story a classic is its exploration of class and social status. Tracy Lord is a wealthy socialite who is used to getting what she wants, but she is forced to confront her own prejudices and biases when she interacts with people from different backgrounds. The film also touches on themes of love, forgiveness, and second chances, making it a heartwarming and relatable story.


In conclusion, The Philadelphia Story is a classic film that is definitely worth watching. Its witty script, talented cast, and exploration of themes such as class and love make it a timeless piece of cinema. Whether you’re a fan of romantic comedies or just looking for a good movie to watch. The Philadelphia Story is sure to entertain and delight.

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