1. The Rise of Mythical Games:

Mythical Games, a next-generation gaming technology studio, has recently made waves in the gaming industry with its successful fundraising efforts. The company has secured an impressive $75 million in Series B financing to develop its highly anticipated game, Blankos Block Party, and create a platform for games featuring nonfungible tokens (NFTs)[1]. Led by industry veterans and former executives from renowned gaming companies, Mythical Games aims to revolutionize the gaming landscape by leveraging the potential of NFTs and building a universal gaming economy[2]. This article will delve into the details of Mythical Games’ recent funding, explore the concept of playable NFTs, and examine the implications of this innovative approach to gaming.


1. The Rise of Mythical Games:

Mythical Games’ recent funding success highlights the growing interest and investment in the intersection of gaming and blockchain technology. The $75 million raised in Series B financing will be instrumental in realizing the company’s vision of creating immersive gaming experiences with NFTs at their core[1]. With a team composed of industry veterans from companies like Activision Blizzard and Electronic Arts, Mythical Games is well-positioned to make a significant impact in the gaming industry[2].

2. Blankos Block Party: A New Gaming Experience:

One of the key projects that Mythical Games is developing is Blankos Block Party, an open-world multiplayer game that incorporates NFTs. In this game, players can collect, trade, and sell unique digital assets known as Blankos, which are represented as NFTs on the blockchain. These NFTs hold value and can be used within the game or even outside of it[1].

The concept of playable NFTs introduces a new dimension to gaming by allowing players to truly own their in-game assets. Unlike traditional games where items are owned and controlled by the game developer, NFTs enable players to have true ownership and control over their virtual possessions[3]. This ownership opens up possibilities for players to monetize their assets, trade them with other players, and even transfer them to other compatible games or platforms[1].

3. Building a Universal Gaming Economy:

Mythical Games’ ambition extends beyond creating a single game. The company aims to build a universal gaming economy that encompasses various games and platforms. By leveraging NFTs, Mythical Games seeks to establish a seamless ecosystem where players can use their assets across different games, unlocking new opportunities for creativity, collaboration, and economic growth[2].

The potential of a universal gaming economy is vast. It allows developers to tap into a broader player base and encourages cross-game interactions. Players, on the other hand, benefit from the ability to carry their assets and achievements across multiple games, enhancing their gaming experiences and fostering a sense of ownership and investment in the virtual worlds they inhabit[3].

4. Implications for the Gaming Industry:

Mythical Games’ innovative approach to gaming has garnered significant attention and investment. The recent $75 million funding round not only demonstrates confidence in the company’s vision but also reflects the growing interest in NFTs and their potential impact on the gaming industry[1].

The integration of NFTs in gaming has the potential to disrupt traditional revenue models and create new opportunities for both developers and players. Developers can generate revenue by selling NFTs directly to players or by earning a percentage from secondary market transactions. Players, on the other hand, can benefit from the ability to truly own and monetize their in-game assets, potentially turning their hobbies into profitable ventures[3].


Mythical Games’ successful fundraising efforts and its focus on playable NFTs mark an exciting development in the gaming industry. With the $75 million raised in Series B financing, the company is well-positioned to bring its vision to life and create a universal gaming economy that empowers players and developers alike. The integration of NFTs in games like Blankos Block Party opens up new possibilities for ownership, creativity, and economic growth within the gaming community. As Mythical Games continues to innovate and push the boundaries of gaming, the industry as a whole stands to benefit from this groundbreaking approach.


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