Is It Correct to Say “Please Be Informed”?

Is It Correct to Say “Please Be Informed”?

In professional settings, we often use phrases that are meant to convey a sense of formality and respect. One such phrase is “please be informed.” But is it correct to use this phrase in everyday communication? Let’s take a closer look.

The Meaning of “Please Be Informed”

When we say “please be informed,” we are essentially saying “I want you to know.” It’s a way of sharing information with someone in a formal manner. This phrase is often used in business or academic settings, where it’s important to communicate clearly and professionally.

Alternatives to “Please Be Informed”

While “please be informed” is a perfectly acceptable phrase, there are other ways to convey the same message. For example, you could say “I wanted to let you know that…” or “Just a heads up…” These phrases are less formal than “please be informed,” but they still get the point across.

When to Use “Please Be Informed”

If you’re unsure whether to use “please be informed,” consider the context of your communication. If you’re writing a formal email or delivering a presentation, it may be appropriate to use this phrase. However, if you’re having a casual conversation with a colleague, it may come across as overly formal.


In conclusion, “please be informed” is a valid phrase that can be used in professional settings. However, there are alternatives that may be more appropriate depending on the context of your communication. As with any language choice, it’s important to consider your audience and the tone you want to convey.

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