Realm Scans: Exploring the World of True Love

Realm Scans: Exploring the World of True Love

Realm Scans: Exploring the World of True Love

In the vast realm of webtoons and manhwas, one series that has captured the hearts of readers is “Operation: True Love.” This romance webtoon, written by kkokkalee and illustrated by Dledumb, follows the story of Su-ae Shim as she navigates the challenges of dating her indifferent boyfriend, Minu Kang [4]. With its captivating storyline and beautiful artwork, “Operation: True Love” has gained a dedicated following. In this article, we will delve into the world of “Operation: True Love” and explore the reasons behind its popularity.

The World of Realm Scans

Realm Scans is a popular platform where readers can access a captivating collection of webtoons and manhwas [1]. Similar to platforms like Asura Reaper and MangaDex, Realm Scans offers free access to a wide range of genres, including fantasy, romance, action, and more [1]. With overpowered characters and supernatural intrigue, readers can immerse themselves in thrilling stories that keep them coming back for more [1]. “Operation: True Love” is one such webtoon available on Realm Scans, captivating readers with its romantic storyline and relatable characters.

The Storyline of “Operation: True Love”

“Operation: True Love” revolves around Su-ae Shim’s struggles in her relationship with Minu Kang [4]. Despite dating for years, Minu Kang remains indifferent towards Su-ae Shim, leaving her feeling unappreciated and unloved [4]. The webtoon explores the complexities of relationships and the challenges faced when one partner is emotionally distant [4]. As the story progresses, Su-ae Shim embarks on a journey to win Minu Kang’s heart and discover if true love can conquer all.

The Artistry of “Operation: True Love”

One of the standout features of “Operation: True Love” is its stunning artwork. The illustrations by Dledumb bring the characters and their emotions to life, enhancing the readers’ connection to the story. The art style perfectly complements the romantic themes of the webtoon, capturing both the tender moments and the emotional turmoil experienced by the characters. The attention to detail and the expressive nature of the artwork contribute to the overall appeal of “Operation: True Love.”

The Popularity and Availability of “Operation: True Love”

“Operation: True Love” has garnered a dedicated following since its premiere on Naver, a popular Korean webtoon platform [4]. Its relatable storyline and well-developed characters have resonated with readers worldwide. Fans of the webtoon can access it on various platforms, including Realm Scans [1]. Realm Scans provides regular updates of “Operation: True Love,” allowing fans to stay engaged with the story [3]. The availability of the webtoon on multiple platforms ensures that readers can easily access and enjoy this captivating romance.


“Operation: True Love” is a webtoon that has captured the hearts of readers with its relatable storyline, beautiful artwork, and well-developed characters. Su-ae Shim’s journey to win the heart of her indifferent boyfriend, Minu Kang, resonates with readers who have experienced similar challenges in their own relationships. With its availability on platforms like Realm Scans, fans can easily access and enjoy this captivating romance. If you’re a fan of romance webtoons, “Operation: True Love” is definitely worth exploring.

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