Someone in Camp Still Wishes to Speak with You

Someone in Camp Still Wishes to Speak with You

In the vast and immersive world of Baldur’s Gate 3, players are often faced with intriguing quests, complex characters, and unexpected encounters. However, one particular issue that has been reported by players is the persistent message stating, “Someone in camp still wishes to speak with you.” This bug has left many players puzzled, as they diligently search for the elusive character who desires their attention. In this article, we will delve into the details of this bug, explore possible causes, and discuss potential solutions.


The Mysterious Message

The enigmatic message, “Someone in camp still wishes to speak with you,” has been a source of frustration for many Baldur’s Gate 3 players. Numerous forum threads and discussions have emerged, with players seeking answers and solutions to this persistent bug . Players have reported encountering this issue even after speaking to every NPC in their camp, leaving them perplexed as to who could be trying to communicate with them.

Possible Causes

There are several theories regarding the cause of this bug. One possibility is that the message may appear when an NPC who was previously in the camp has left or moved to a different location. This can lead to confusion, as players may not realize that the NPC they need to speak with is no longer present . Another potential cause could be related to incomplete quest lines or unresolved dialogue options with certain characters. It is possible that the game is mistakenly triggering the message even when there is no new dialogue available .

Searching for Solutions

Players who encounter this bug often embark on a quest to find the elusive character who wishes to speak with them. Some players have resorted to revisiting previous locations or exploring new areas in hopes of triggering the missing dialogue. However, these efforts have proven to be fruitless for many, as the character in question does not seem to be present or available for interaction.

One potential solution that players have suggested is to invite all available NPCs to join the party and then dismiss them one by one. This method aims to reset the dialogue triggers and potentially resolve the bug . However, it is important to note that this workaround may not work for everyone, as the bug seems to be inconsistent and varies from player to player.

The Developer’s Response

Larian Studios, the developer of Baldur’s Gate 3, has acknowledged the existence of this bug and is actively working on a solution. In a recent video update, the developers addressed various issues reported by players, including the persistent message bug . While an official fix has not been released at the time of writing, Larian Studios has assured players that they are committed to resolving this issue and providing an optimal gaming experience.


The “Someone in camp still wishes to speak with you” bug in Baldur’s Gate 3 has been a source of frustration for players who are unable to locate the character who desires their attention. With various theories regarding its cause and potential solutions being explored by the community, players eagerly await a fix from Larian Studios. As the developers continue to work on resolving this bug, players can rest assured that their feedback is being heard and that their gaming experience will be enhanced in due course.

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