The Top 10 Microsoft Azure Certifications to Aim for in 2022

The Top 10 Microsoft Azure Certifications to Aim for in 2022

The top Azure Data Course Certifications for developers, system administrators, AI specialists, security experts, solution architects, and DevOps engineers in 2022 are listed below.

1. Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam (AZ-900) [Best Azure certification for Newcomers]

With this certification, newcomers who are unfamiliar with this Microsoft services will learn about cloud principles, Azure services, and security, as well as how to calculate costs and other things.

You will have 85 minutes to complete the 40 to 60 questions on the AZ-900 exam. There is no penalty for any erroneous answers, and the exam’s passing score is 700.

2. Exam AI-900: Fundamentals of Microsoft Azure AI

To understand how to deploy your AI solution using Microsoft Azure, you must complete this certification, which is designed to teach you how to use those services and cover some of the AI ideas.

You will be assessed on fundamental ideas relating to artificial intelligence (AI) and the services in the Azure cloud for this additional fundamental level certification. For AI experts who wish to study Azure and build AI-driven solutions, this is the finest Azure certification.

3. Its Data Fundamentals Exam DP-900

This certificate teaches you the principles of data and how to use them in Microsoft Azure, such as maintaining databases and performing data analytics.

The finest Azure cloud certification for DBAs and data programmers interested in learning Azure is this one. You will need to understand the fundamental differences between relational and non-relational data as well as the many types of data workloads, such as transactional or analytical, in order to pass this exam.

4. Microsoft Azure Administrator Exam

The certificate is intended for intermediate users who have some experience with the PowerShell command line and operating systems. It will teach you how to manage cloud services in-depth, including storage, security, and networking.

The top Azure certification for system management is this one. After passing a foundational level Azure certification like the AZ-900, AI-900, or DP-900, you should take this associate-level exam.

5. AZ-204 Exam: Creating That’s Microsoft Solutions

You should take this certification exam to learn how to design, build, and develop solutions for businesses using Azure cloud services, such as application as a Service, if you have at least a year of experience implementing Azure cloud solutions.

The AZ-204 exam lasts 120 minutes and consists of 40–60 questions that chosen at random from a variety of use-case situations, programming languages, and true/false questions. To pass, you must receive a score of at least 70%.

6. Its Security Technologies Exam AZ-500

Your duty will be to implement security solutions and threat prevention for the apps as well as manage the security vulnerabilities if you want to learn about security at the cloud level.

For IT security professionals who wish to develop the knowledge and abilities required to implement security on their Azure cloud architecture, this Azure certification is excellent.

7. AI-102 — Azure AI Engineer Associate, Microsoft Certified

In order to obtain this certification, you must build and deploy an AI solution for businesses using Microsoft Azure. As well as suggest the best tool to use with machine learning and NLP applications.

You must be able to develop, manage, and deploy AI solutions that make use of Azure Cognitive Services and Azure Applied AI services. If you want to get this AI Engineer Associate certification.

8. DP-300 Exam: Relational Database Administration

In addition to using other Microsoft Azure data services. The student will learn how to administer and construct relational databases using Microsoft SQL Server. You are also in charge of performance monitoring, security, and other duties.

For database administrators and data management specialists. Who oversee relational databases developed using Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Azure Data Services. Both on-premises and in the cloud, this Azure certification is excellent.

9. Azure Solutions Architect Expert Microsoft Certified

This credential requires certain advanced skills, including the ability to plan and implement solutions for your Microsoft Azure-based application, including networking and security, to mention a couple.

By the way, on December 31, 2022, the exams AZ-303 and AZ-304 will retire. To become this certified architect, you must pass the brand-new Exam AZ-305, which is now in beta.

10. This Data Solution Implementation Exam DP-200

If you enjoy dealing with data, this certification is for you because you’ll be using this Microsoft services like this SQL database and Azure Synapse analytics to develop data solutions.

You may learn those abilities by taking the DP-200: Implementing Azure Data Training course.

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